Future (legislative) provisions for consideration

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Resident concerns requiring future legislation - Land Leased Communities (LLC):


(The following is provided for discussion in advancing support for improved legislation to better protect and preserve “Manufactured Housing Communities” (LLC’s) - most home-sites NOT temporary, and is the basis for the Coalition’s legislative initiative.) The following (in brief note form) is not prioritized.

  • A central agency representing Manufactured Housing/(LLC) residents, with recognition of community HOA’s. (The agency/ HOA copied all “formal notices” concerning resident communities and to oversee resident issues, offering guidance, assistance, and legal support.)
  • Time periods adopted in legislation (legal notices, resident response times, and similar) to be consistent with practical needs – residents not to be frustrated or “surprised”.
  • Commonwealth MH residents to be provided notice “of NEW legislative provisions” in advance of becoming law explaining resident options under law.
  • Provision to end legal inequities; including “forced eviction” under ‘change of use’ or other circumstance, without adequate compensation and provision of a relocation site. (MH in many cases valued in excess of 100K, with relocation costs circa 20K.)
  • Park Owners ‘right to evict’ not to constitute an unreasonable threat (extraordinary financial consequence placed on the resident). Cause for eviction to be reasonable, and subject to appeal.
  • Manufactured homes to be classified as REAL property and separated from a “trailer”/ motor vehicle (able to be towed by a motor car or light truck), and removal of the use of "titles".
  • Removal of scheduled and false depreciation.
  • LLC residents, to be afforded the “right of first refusal”. Where residents do not provide a successful bid, the new park owner to provide sufficient “guarantees” protecting resident’s interests, protecting against excessive increases in lot fees or other charges; including adequate provision for maintenance, reserves; and a reasonable prospectus for the continued use of the park and its upkeep.
  • Residents to be afforded the opportunity of “Direct Purchase” and the reasonable opportunity to purchase their LLC. Support facilities, such as financing and management to be available.
  • Recognition of alternative means for adjudication of resident disputes, and a process for appeals, to include Arbitration, a State Ombudsman, or a hearing board. Park Owner liable for costs.
  • Lot rent increases to be subject to appeal and independent adjudication, and where excessive to conform to an acceptable fair standard. The fleecing of residents to end.
  • “Park Closure Insurance” [All residents pay a small premium.]
  • Encouragement of minimum standards or guidelines for community services and facilities, with resident HOA representation; and a right to appeal.
  • Financing to upgrade/ replace older MH units; and provide purchase loans for older properties (more than 15 years old) now excluded from competitive loans.

The PA Coalition of MH Residents (PAMHOA).