March 7, 2014 - Press Release - Hickory Hills

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The Pennsylvania Manufactured Home Owners Association.
(Also known as the “PA Coalition of MH Residents”...
Representing PA's more than ¾ million citizens and homeowners living in a “Land-Lease Community.”)
Roger J. Hall, President
Deborah Stumpf, Vice President

[PAMHOA is associated with the National organization – NMHOA]

Propane Gas Explosion Hickory Hills

STATEMENT/ Press release:

The Pennsylvania Manufactured Home Owners Association (PAMHOA) extends its heart felt sympathy to the residents of Hickory Hills in their coping with a very serious and tragic event; and also to the family of the deceased.

It is believed a formal investigation will reveal the cause of the tragedy; and provide necessary recommendations.

The Association further believes, this incident is indicative of the serious lack of adequate consumer protections (“Manufactured Housing” law) needed to protect the rights of residents owning homes in “land-lease communities”. Resident's typically make a substantial home investment but receive no equitable protection(s); more often than not, they unknowingly assume undue risk (over which they have no control, or voice) by renting “private” land on which their home is located. This risk has proven damaging and harmful on too many occasions (if the tragic violence of the Hickory Hills occurrence is an exception). PA's citizens purchase this form of “affordable housing” investing their own financial resources, unlike other “affordable housing” solutions. The majority of residents are elderly, retirees, or persons with disabilities, on fixed incomes, who sadly in too many cases are also routinely taken advantage of for what appears to be no other purpose than corporate profiteering, while the Legislature and the office of the Attorney General do little or nothing as is needed to correct the many injustices and inequities. The situation is seen by many as discriminatory and unconstitutional. This same disregard can potentially lead to circumstances similar to Hickory Hills. PAMHOA has made repeated representations to the Legislature, seeking action, including offering legislative proposals, and again calls on the people's representatives in Harrisburg to take the needed steps to better protect citizens of the Commonwealth residing in “land-lease communities” from physical and economic harm.

March 7, 2014